Kintamani Bali Prewedding for Evelyn and Luki by BEST FOTO STUDIO_002


I want capture this amazing life chapter of yours so that you can always remember how it all started. One day you'll be browsing through the photos together and you'll remember all those little memories behind each frame - what you've said to each other in that moment, what song was playing or simply how it all felt. Those are the photos I want to take.


When we meet, you'll know right away there won't be much posing and technical stuff happening. I'm a clumsy guy who gets easily excited, loves being around people and tries not to take himself too seriously. I can't stand typical wedding poses, I want to create something unique, full of memories, no templates. Just send me a note and I can tell you more.

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Bandung Best Spot Prewedding by BEST FOTO STUDIO for Dennies and Hellen_007
Prewedding Studio Jakarta Pusat Tematik Klasik Winda dan Indra _BFS1
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